Worldwide travel destinations

Time to look at some other worldwide travel destinations.

I've found, over the years of travelling, that it is most advantageous to have some inside information before embarking on a new adventure to a foreign place. So I've decided to link us up with other excellent travel sites.

These websites are maintained by people who have great inside info and in many cases, actually come from and live in that specific place.

My wish is that you gain some info that will help you in your journey. Enjoy...

Asia Adventures "Quality travel experiences throughout Cambodia (Angkor Wat), Laos (Luang Prabang), Vietnam , and Thailand"

Russia Ukraine Travel "Russia Ukraine Travel Alternative. For inexpensive travel to Russia and Ukraine get your information from the source. Ask independent Russian guides"

Piedmont, le Marche & more - discover the most beautiful regions of Italy Ten years ago my wife and I moved to Piedmont Italy. This site is dedicated to sharing our passion and knowledge of the places, people and cuisine of Piedmont, le Marche and Sardinia.

Insiders Guide to Venice Italy, Verona and the Veneto The Veneto on the doorstep of Venice Italy. Join us in discovering the secrets of this region.

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