My Wine Recommendations

So here I am sitting in The Big Easy, giving you my wine recommendations. That's right, Mr. Ernie Els has his own restaurant called The Big Easy. In fact, he has a wine estate nearby that produces an assortment of wines.

I am dining with my wife in Dorp Street Stellenbosch. I have just tasted The Big Easy blend of red wine and how pleasing it is. I must admit that I was not expecting such quality in this wine. Definitely worth some good wine reviews!

The restaurant is wonderfully elegant and as I walk to examine the photography of Ernie Els and the PGA Tour I notice a well stocked cigar cabinet.

Now I have to take this opportunity to say that there are few things that equal the satisfying effect of a good cigar and a Lavazza americano coffee. If you haven't tried it, do yourself a favour and check out some of the places I have listed on the cigar review page.

The Western Cape is an area in South Africa known for it's vineyards and good quality wine. You could probably walk into any wine store in the world and you'll find a few wines form this region. The two places I like to dine at most for good red wine is Stellenbsoch; with it's beautiful oak trees and lively vibe, as well as Franschhoek; directly translated as "French Quarter," there are some excellent combinations of France and South africa in the wines from this area.

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