Here's what we can write about west coast customs - one of our unique places in South Africa

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"As we drive finding more west coast customs, I realize how awesome this place actually is. I mean, we drive away from Cape Town and it's no time at all and we're in the countryside. While we drive, the beautiful Table Mountain stays with us on our left for many kilometres."

Many people have decided to live on the west coast because you can be right in the middle of the countryside and still be half an hour to an hour's drive from the mother city .

When you're visiting the west coast, it is custom to make a primitive fire low down on the ground. In South africa, a barbecue is called a "braai" and that's exactly what we're talking about here, except that we're preparing a fish called a "harder".

I just read a great article about preparing this fish. If you can read Afrikaans then go ahead, read the article. (I believe you can translate it with google)

Just a friendly warning; if you are preparing crayfish, it is one of the west coast customs that you are inviting your neighbors to join you if you hang the crayfish out on a line. So if you're the sociable type, go for it!

But lets explore some places a little further on..

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There is a town approximately 2 hours drive from Cape Town called Yzerfontein. It is a neat little town, or atleast most of South Africa thinks so. It won the cleanest town in SA for the past three years. But that's not the only reason we are attracted to this town. It is one of the customs to take your lunch at a seafood place called Die Strandkombuis which literally means "beach kitchen." It is basically a restaurant on the beach, sheltered by some canvas. You can hear the waves crashing and the unaltered life of the mighty ocean.

"When you sit there and you get a soft primitive feeling come over you, then you have truly become part of the west coast."

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