It's time for Weekend Getaways... Lets go to McGregor

McGregor is on our weekend getaways list. We usually stay at Temenos, a beautiful country retreat. This is actually a spiritual retreat and they normally don't allow young children because I guess people want quiet when they go there. So when you're there you sometimes wonder if there's anybody else around because it's so quite.

mcgregor, village

The surrounding areas of the village are absolutely wonderful. It takes about two hours to get there from Cape Town, all the while driving into a totally different scenery.

This town is part of the Karoo. It's dryer than Cape Town and the seasons are also slightly different. You feel much closer to nature when you're there because the town has only one main tarred road running through it and the rest is all gravel.

The residents of this village are diverse. There are artists, esoterics, ecologists and many more. I met a guy called Paul de Jongh of The Millstone Pottery when we were there. He is a potter and his work is absoutely beautiful. He was even gracious enough to show my wife and I his studio, including a traditional wood-fired kiln. I really enjoyed this.

There is a Waldorf School there as well. Actually, My daughter is in a Waldorf School and she loves it. The teaching techniques are not very conventional which is probably why they are so successful.

When you go there be sure to visit the surrounding areas such as Greyton and Robertson.

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The Cape Cottages

mcgregor, sunbird cottage, accommodation

What a lovely place to stay. The Owners are Bronwen and Simon and I'd have to say that this is about as cape heritage as you're going to get.

You feel as if you've been wisked away to a far off land, with the gentle breezes of the karoo on your face. Prices are good and service is very friendly.

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