Trawlers restaurant and take aways

Trawlers gordons bay, places in south africa, restaurant

In Gordons Bay on the beach road you'll find Trawlers Restaurant, one of our great places in South Africa to have something to eat.

It's not really a big place, neither is it very smart, but that's what makes it what it is. It's a take away fish place that has a few benches to sit on and enjoy the sunset.

In our summer season this place is very busy, but so is the whole area. I had a nice conversation with the owner the other day and he said to me "we could close for the whole winter season and just open for summer and it would still be very profitable."

The menu is full of seafood. You order at the counter and they call your number on a speaker. Then you collect and either sit down or you could take away, walk across the street and you're on the beach.

We would recommend the calamari. It's the freshest around. You could try the Snoek as well.

Trawlers gordons bay, places in south africa, restaurant

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