The South Africa Flag - Symbol of Unity

I love the South Africa flag because it is so symbolic of bringing different cultures and people together. The designer, Mr Fred Brownell, obviously has a feel for simplicity and symbolism.

The flag was first used on the 27th April 1994. Check out the government information site if you like details on the colours and regulations on flying the flag.

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The previous flag was called "Oranje, Blanje Blou" which means Orange, white and blue. The centre details was a depiction of the different parts of South Africa at the time. Starting from left was the Union Jack for the Cape Colonies and Natal. Centre was the old Free State Flag standing vertically. To the right was the flag of the Transvaal.

This was the flag of South Africa from 1925 until 1994. It was used during the second world war and after.

When you are in South Africa it is probably not a good idea to wave this flag around in public. It is associated with the period of apartheid in South Africa and many people lived under hardships in those times.

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