South Africa Culture

If you've ever been here, you'll know exactly what I mean when I say that South Africa Culture is unique! Obviously everywhere is unique but I can tell you now, you won't find any other place like South Africa.

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First of all, the accent and the slang is enough to make anybody giggle as you walk down the streets of Cape Town. The people have a sharp sense of humor, which reminds me of something I had a good laugh at not too long ago:

I was walking down some street in Cape Town and I was stopped by a man shouting at me, "Soet, soet lemoene!" which means, "Sweet, sweet oranges!" "How do I know they're so sweet?" I asked him. He replied with a grin, "Natuurlik is hulle soet! Kyk net hoe still lĂȘ hulle!."

Apart from the humor, which actually goes with the sunny climate, there are many places for eating out. If you start your journey at The Cape Town Waterfront, you'll get a good sample of what I mean with 'the culture.' Even better than that is to take a walk down Long Street or St. Georges Mall, both of which are situated in the centre of Cape Town.

Photo courtesy of IgoUgo

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