Seafood Restaurants on The Waterfront - A fully functioning harbour and a first class shopping experience

Lets start our journey, searching for seafood restaurants on the Waterfront. You very soon realise that you are in a shipyard. It started off as just a bunch of dry docks and moorings. It has however undergone amazing improvements and it is one of the main tourist attractions and shopping experiences of Cape Town South Africa. Start with a brief history of the Waterfront if you like.

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As for real estate, there is some very impressive waterfront property for sale . It was in one of these apartments that we lived for a few months and it was wonderful! One of our favourite places in South Africa. We were always within 5-10 minutes walk from all the shops in the Waterfront and

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if we decided to, we could get into our car and drive anywhere in the 'mother city', Cape Town within minutes.

One of our kids all time best places to visit is the Two Oceans Aquarium which is situated right in the heart of the waterfront.

Inside the V&A Waterfront shopping centre there are over 400 stores and all of them are open till 9pm seven days a week. The choice of restaurants is vast.

We would recommend two restaurants:
The Baia being one of the best sea food restaurants in the cape and
Belthazar being one of the best steak houses.

Go to for more info on other great restaurants.

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