Romantic Weekend Getaways in Greyton

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I love this little village! Romantic weekend getaways, or just coming to experience this beautiful town, Greyton is named "the jewel of the Overberg."

We've now been living here for approximately one year. We arrived in the summer time, when the land was a little dryer and the golden wheat fields lay 'spilling over' after the farmer's harvest. It's now nearing the end of spring and it just amazes me how much life multiplies itself at this time of the year. Rabbits are active, colourful birds fly around the garden and flowers that I never knew existed greet me every morning.

When we first came through Greyton, it was on our Romantic weekend getaways list. Now that we've been living here for a while, I'd definitely include it on my places-to-raise-your-kids list. I think our kids learn't more about bugs in the first week than what they learnt in the previous two years together!

It's so rewarding to see your children truly enjoy the town they live in. Get on your bike to go for music lessons on the other side of town, and in the afternoon, play with your friends in the many 'leiwater' canals.

Now for some romantic weekend getaways insiders info...

Our all time favourite place to grab something to eat is at The Oak & Vigne Cafe. They have recently had some changes in the kitchen, including a new chef and a new menu. Mmmmmm, just writing about this is making my mouth water. I can't say which dish is best...try them all, is what I'll say.

The Creme Brulé is home made and the food is exquisite! The Oak & Vigne is also open on two nights of the week, Friday and Saturday. They have a white tablecloth setting on these nights which makes it 'the place to dine.'

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The Posthouse

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If you're looking for a beautiful place that has been around for quite a while, this place is perfect. Quaint rooms looking over a beautiful lawn dining area.

In this little town, you get to know each other quite fast. In the heat of summer it's really nice to stay at the Posthouse and have a swim in the pool, while we eat plates of chips with tomato sauce... they've got good chips.

The Posthouse is on your left as you enter the main part of town.

Zebra Moon Hikers Lodge

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If you don't want to spend too much, you should stay at the Zebra Moon Backpackers lodge. It's actually has one of the best views in Greyton.

We homeschool our children, along with quite a few other families in Greyton, and once a year we have a festival where we build a big bonfire. This year Mark, the owner at Zebra Moon, let us do it there. It was absolutely magical. If it's not overcast, you can expect one of the best views of the Milkyway!

To get to Zebra Moon, turn left right after the church steeple into West Street.

High Hopes

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An enchanting garden and very high up as far as romantic weekend getaways go... This is such a lovely place to stay. The owners are Sharon and Angela. Angela also runs a Healing Energy Centre and if you're feeling like you need something amazing, this is the place you'll want to stay.

High Hopes is situated on the Main Road on your right. It's not in the "busy" part of the town, so just keep driving until you see the sign.

We like having breakfast there to catch up with Angela and Sharon,... and actually to take a good walk through their stunning garden...

For other great weekend getaways, check out McGregor. This beautiful little town is a hike over the mountain from Greyton. You can walk and it takes you about five hours, or you can take the car around and it takes you about two and a half hours.

~ So come join us in Greyton! Perhaps it grabs you, like it did us, and you find yourself living here among the leading water canals and the many mountain paths to explore. ~

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