Paul Roos Gymnasium - A boys high school full of tradition

Semper Splendidior, "Always Brighter" is the motto for Paul Roos Gymnasium. I spent my high school days in the classrooms of this boys school in Stellenbosch.

As one of the places in South Africa to visit you should come here when the wine festival is on. This normally takes place in August and it costs about R100 per person. There are more than 150 exhibitors and among them some of the top wine estate representatives.
The school itself has recently upgraded the grounds with a new hall that can accommodate all 1500+ boys. That's incredible. So many guys together and they still keep everything together.

There's a lot of tradition in this school. For instance, there's a section of the school grounds specifically allocated to the matric students. When they start their matric year, the students enter through a "golden gate" on one side of the "matric grounds." When they graduate, the whole school joins their arms to make a long tunnel and the matrics run through the gate and the tunnel to finish their time at school.

The school even has it's own wine. Take a look at the official

Paul Roos website.

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