Among the pine trees is La Pineta - a wonderful eating experience

We go to La Pineta at least once a week. It's a restaurant hidden among the pine trees and situated just outside Stellenbosch.

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It's actually right next to the Stellenbosch flying club. The history goes that this was a popular picnic area for all the residents in Stellenbosch. So much so that if you go to some of the old families in Stellenbosch they'll share many fond memories of this pine forest with you.

The meals are just right. Well portioned, nicely priced and a varied menu. Value for money. They've recently added some swings and slides outside so it's great for us because we have three kids.

If you arrive there just before sunset it's very beautiful. You have your meal overlooking the Stellenbosch winelands and drinking in the last drops of sunlight, with a glass of wine of course.

If you're into aviation you'll love it here. The Stellenbosch flying club operates just next door. Along with your meal you might see planes return from their sunset adventures.

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