Huguenot Fine Chocolates

It’s the Huguenot fine chocolates, Franschhoek, western cape, South Africa. It’s the end of January and the mid-summer sun is cooking! Just when I think I might start feeling rather hot and bothered, I open the door to the Huguenot fine chocolates.

The cool air comes over me like a wave. I AM IN HEAVEN!Inside they obviously keep the temperature down , otherwise all the chocies would melt.

Now this place is filled with all sorts of treats.They specialize in hand crafted Belgian chocolates.“ Almond clusters, strawberry crème, mango truffles, lemon hearts, mocha milk,dipped ginger, rosewater Turkish delight “Need I say more? Mmmm… maybe just a little more?Well, my personal favourite : - definitely Creamy vanilla truffle rolled in nibbed almonds

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Honey and macadamia nougat dipped in Belgian dark chocolate.


I feel like a five year old little girl standing on my toes in a candy store. I am looking through a large glass window pointing:
“That one…. Yes yes….
Oh… and this one
Thank you. No…that one to the left… yes, perfect.
And five of these… great. Thanx! “
I smile.

They place my collection of melt-in-the-mouth chocolates in a shiny silver packet, fold it perfectly and place the little Huguenot sticker to seal. Then in a white paper packet and off you go.

A hint of advise: When buying good quality chocolates like these in the middle of a hot afternoon... Do NOT leave them in your car (unless you feel like drinking chocolate). They melt extremely fast!

So when you make a trip to the lovely little town of Franschhoek make sure to pop in at the Huguenot chocolaterie. It’s definitely worth it!



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