The cigar review and other opulent measures

There's nothing quite like a good cup of fresh coffee while we start our cigar review. Something happens to the senses when smoking a good cigar. The taste of coffee, the feeling of opulence, the taste of brandy or single malt whiskey and so on. It is truly a luxury that one must experience in the right context to enjoy.

I will be talking in this section about famous cigars such as cuban cigars and swiss cigars and the perceived quality of each of them.

I will also be writing about major brands such as Davidoff, Montecristo, backwoods cigars and so on and where to find them all in the Western Cape South Africa.

What I love doing is to follow restaurant ratings and then move to their cigar lounge for a personal opinion on different brands. Like this, I get to not only try the different cigars but also to take a look at the atmosphere in each place.

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