Bettys Bay takes you away from the "basin" and gently places you between mountains and ocean

We drove to Bettys Bay today. It was one of those days that make you 'sponge in' the South African sun and the blue sky for which we are famous.

When you take this drive, you leave the Helderberg Basin, you go through the village of Gordons Bay and stick to the coastal road.

baboon, false bay

This road winds you round breathtaking views of false bay and you may even see some baboons on your way.

One of the villages we stopped at called Hangklip, which means 'Hanging Rock' (from the massive rock that looks like it's leaning to one side around which the dwellings are built), boasts some very nice little shops which my wife thoroughly enjoys every time. I normally sit for a quick cup of coffee (sometimes a long one, depending on the shopping mood) but this time we didn't stay. We left as fast as we came in because we were on our to Bettys Bay.

The landscape when you go past Hangklip changes slightly. I'm not sure why but the fynbos gets less pronounced and there are more rocks around. It changes again though when you get into Bettys Bay where there is much fynbos again and a massive blue ocean that fills up the whole of the South view.

Our destination was Lorna's coffee shop which is right at the first BP garage. It's right next to a famous shop called 'Chocolate Rose,' which is once again a complete sensory paradise for Yolandé. I had my coffee while chatting to Lorna about stars and nutrition (she's an astrologer as well). I sent one of the kids to pry Yolandé away from Chocolate Rose and we set off to enjoy the rest of the scenery and the differentness of this place.

Many people that come here have a holiday home here and they only come here to get away. There are quite a few permanent residents though and I believe that these numbers are increasing all the time as people are choosing to retire in a nice house at the sea.

As we headed back to Somerset West I was filled with a sacred connection to nature. I often feel this connection in these places in South Africa where the spirit of mother Earth still flows strong. We truly live in a magical place...

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