The Best Beach in Cape Town and South Africa

To decide on the best beach in Cape Town is quite a task. Some would say that the best beaches are those on the east coast of South Africa because the water is warmer there. I must say that I do prefer warmer water but the reason we've chosen these beaches in Cape Town is because of the 'vibe' as well as the other experiences around.

When you come to Cape Town South Africa, you must remember that the sea water washing against the western shore comes straight from Antarctica, which is why it is so cold. If you go into False Bay, there's an interesting thing that happens. This is where the warm water from Mozambique and the cold water from Antarctica meet. So if you stand in the ocean and feel the waves against your body you will notice cold waves and then a warm one every now and then. This is where the name for the Two Oceans Aquarium comes from.

First on my list of best beaches:

Camps Bay Beach

As you go over the nek of Table Mountain, you are met with an awesome sight of Camps Bay.

The reason I choose this beach first is because you in the summer time it's got a wonderful Cape Town vibe to it. There are a number of restaurants and coffee shops to choose from as you get off the beach.

When the day is done and you've watched a majestic african sunset, go to Blues Restaurant for an elegant dinner by candle light.

Blaauwberg Beach

I've put this beach on as number two because it is just superb for taking a walk with your dog and even more perfect for Kite Surfing. You know those perfect pictures you see on the postcards of Table Moutain , well those photo's are usually taken from this beach.

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