The Baia - with the magic of Table Mountain right infront and above you

If you are a seafood restaurants lover, you dare not miss the Baia Restaurant in the main building of the Cape Town Waterfront.

When we as Capetonians want to treat ourselves, we go to this restaurant at the Cape Town Waterfront. Like all internationally famous restaurants, everything on the menu is good, but they are famous for their huge and tasty prawns and langoustines.

When you make the booking, ask for one of the tables on the edge of the veranda. From the veranda your view will be filled with Table Mountain. In fact, the mountain feels so close you can almost touch it. Life doesn’t get any better – exceptional food, great service and Table Mountain crowding your view.

baia seafood restaurant, cape town waterfront, table mountain

Our favourite dishes are the shellfish platters in various combinations. Langoustines are my personal favourites, because they are sweet and I have never found them bigger anywhere else in the world. The crayfish thermidor is also outstanding as well as the prawn curry. This restaurant is expensive, but worth every penny.

You may just get extra good service and the biggest lango’s or prawns available for the day if you ask for senior manager Carlos or owner Louis and tell them Louis van der Linde referred you and I promised that you would get outstanding service. Oh, they are going to kill me for this I know!

You have to top off your meal with the individually baked chocolate Lindt pudding and a lovely Cognac or Single Malt Whiskey and double espresso

Oh, and while I am already in trouble for giving away all the secrets, the best table in the restaurant is table 168.

Enjoy this seafood restaurant experience.


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