Welcome to the Romantic Overberg in October

It's October, and time to think of romantic weekend getaways for springtime.

This month is such a beautiful time of the year for us here in the little village of Greyton. My daughter has learnt a verse about the months of the year and this month it goes

"October brings the golden wheat,
and Chincherinchees at our feet."

Visitors to the Greyton Market on a Saturday morning have picked up and the feeling of spring is definitely here. Do you know how I know? ... Well everything around me is just growing. Flowers have come up where I didn't know they existed and birds have young ones screaming for food. We have three different birds nesting in our roof!

If you haven't been to Greyton you must come have a meal at The Oak and Vigne Restaurant. They have recently welcomed a new chef and I can tell you from personally eating there a few times now... the food is first class!

Next to the restaurant is The RockHopper bike shop. The owner, Corne, has done a fantastic job of laying out km's and km's of single track mountain biking trails around Greyton.

And that's it for this month...

-- Thank you for allowing my wife, Yolandé and I to share our news with you. We'll be back again next month with more from the Western Cape.

Vintzent & Yolandé