The 2010 world cup in Cape Town is happening right here

The 2010 world cup is going to be awesome! The whole of Cape Town South Africa is alive with excitement and new goals are set for all of us as we approach kick off in June.

It is very exciting living among the South African people now. We are all talking about FIFA. If you find an entrepreneur nearby, you are sure to hear some new plan for making money with the 2010 explosion of interest in our country.

People are re-designing their businesses and even their houses. I asked a woman in a shantytown what she was doing. She said that FIFA is coming and we all need to paint our houses!

Here is a guide to the stadiums being used for FIFA 2010.

Quick Facts

* 96 000m3 of concrete were used to build Cape Town Stadium.
* The roof weighs 4 700 tons.
* Some 9 000 glass panels were used to cover 37 000m2 of roof.
* There are 500 toilets and 360 urinals.
* The stadium has 115 entry turnstiles.
* There are 16 lifts in the building.
* More than 2 500 workers were employed on site during construction, and almost 1 200 artisans received training from the contractors.

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