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My wife and I were born in Pretoria, one of the popular places in South Africa. Over the years we've collected a lot of valuable info about the Western Cape region. We have lived in the western cape for most of our lives and we've come to realize the value of "inside" information. When we travel to other countries we always check out some inside info first.

So we've decided to provide a website full of our knowledge.

What you will find in this site is mostly about the Western Cape because we know it so well. From Cape Town with it's famous table mountain, to the beautiful tranquillity of McGregor, to the tree giants of the Knysna forests, we've written a little bit (and sometimes a lot) about each one.

Vintzent and Yolandé

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Cape Town South Africa
Cape Town South Africa is known as the Mother City - home of the famous Table Mountain and of course the 2010 world cup.
The Rich Stellenbosch Experience
Stellenbosch is a student village famous for oak trees, red wine and the fine dining restaurants.
French Restaurants - Franschhoek
The French Restaurants of the Franschhoek winelands are tucked away eloquently so as to be one of the best places in south africa for a well rounded dining experience.
Wine Recommendations - Western Cape, South Africa
Lets lunch over a few wine recommendations, something the Western Cape, South Africa is known for being quite good at.
Somerset West
Somerset West is our hometown, beautifully situated under the Helderberg mountain.
West Coast Customs - South Africa
The beautiful uniqueness in these west coast customs. Find out all we know about this magnificent region.
Gordons Bay - A village in the southern corner of False Bay
Gordons Bay is the perfect place to be, slightly away from Cape Town and busy enough to sit at a coffee shop.
Weekend Getaways - McGregor - A souls retreat
In a remote little weekend getaways town called McGregor, we all find something special about ourselves.
Whale Tail - Hermanus
The whale tail in Hermanus is an icon of the coastal town's claim to fame.
Kalk Bay
Kalk Bay is the little coastal village that brings us back for more everytime.
Apartheid in South Africa
My experiences of apartheid in South Africa and some South Africa history, including Nelson Mandela.
Dad's Restaurant Ratings
I've asked my dad to write some restaurant ratings for us. He dines at many different places in South Africa
Worldwide Travel Destinations
These worldwide travel destinations are the kind that all of us should visit at least once.
Best Beach in Cape Town
It is a tough choice deciding on the best beach in Cape Town South Africa.
The 2010 world cup in Cape Town South Africa
I am so looking forward to the 2010 world cup in Cape Town South Africa. It's already changing the country and I don't think we'll ever be the same after 2010.
Romantic Weekend Getaways
Romantic weekend getaways in the Overberg is exactly what you'll find in Greyton. This little town is perfect for weekend getaways.
South Africa Culture
South Africa culture, what can I say... ITS LEKKER!
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